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The Careers & Graduate Futures Service is running a Summer Mentoring Programme for 2020 Graduates.  The programme connects professionals working in a wide variety of industries with Heriot-Watt University 2020 graduates to support their long-term career planning. Mentors can provide you with inside knowledge of your chosen or potential career as well as the opportunity to network and broaden your career horizons?

Graduates will be allocated a mentor where there is a good match through the Future Made for Future Success Programme.

Graduates who are unable to be matched with a mentor through the Future Made for Future Success Programme will be allocated a mentor through the Santander supported Mentoring Programme.

Information for graduates

The aim of the programme is to give you the opportunity to spend time with a professional working in the career area of interest to you and to gain an insight into the work involved and the kind of skills and knowledge that are required.

Mentors can give advice and help with issues such as job hunting, skills development ideas or applications and interviews advice. They may also be able to answer questions which relate to your course work and increase your understanding of how your academic theory and knowledge is applied in the workplace.

Our mentors are located all over the world, and whilst there are many who are local there are also a few in more distant locations. Communication with mentors will be undertaken either by email, telephone, skype/facetime/teams.

The programme will run from June – end of August 2020 and we would expect around two communications per month to be made during that time.

Information for mentors

Through mentoring a student you will have an important effect on their career and perhaps even their life. You will be able to share the knowledge and insights that you have gained from your own, and perhaps others' experiences with a young person who is aspiring to be successful in your field.

Previous mentors became involved because of reasons such as wanting to encourage graduates into their field, being willing to help and guide students, wanting to help undergraduates at their university and in order to develop their own skills.

The time commitment varies but would expect two communications per month which can be carried via email, telephone or skype/facetime/teams.

To apply to become a mentor, or for more information please email the programme co-ordinator Karen Beattie at

How to apply

View the list of career mentors using the Jobs board in GRADfutures.

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