Career Mentoring Programme

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Please note our 2020/21 programme opens for applications in early October

Looking to get ahead in your career?

The Career Mentoring Programme run by Careers and Graduate Futures gives students the opportunity to connect with a professional who can offer one-to-one careers advice and support and an insight into their job role, organisation and sector. Many of our career mentors are Heriot-Watt alumni and come from a wide variety of industries. They can provide you with inside knowledge of your chosen or potential career as well as the opportunity to network and broaden your career horizons.

How does it work?

Students apply to be matched with a career mentor of their choice. Once paired with a career mentor you will have at least four meetings which can be carried out face to face or by phone or online. The focus and frequency of these sessions and where they take place is up to you and your mentor to decide, so the programme is flexible around the other commitments of both you and your career mentor.

Who can apply?

Applications are welcome from all students of all disciplines although where there is high demand priority will be given to penultimate year students. Please not that penultimate year EGIS students studying construction project managment and quanity surveying and real estate and planning will be allocated a career mentor through a separate mentoring programme delivered in the School. 

How do you apply?

To view the list of career mentors currently available visit the Jobs Section of GRADfutures and and use the Tag button to select and search the mentoring programme. Note the unique number of the career mentor(s) that you are interested in and include this in your application.  Complete and submit the online application. 

What did previous participants say?

"My mentor was very encouraging and he helped me with my CV and gave me a lot of insight as to how I should consider what I want to do for my future career. His knowledge and his guidance allowed me to have a lot of reassurance and encouragement." 

"My mentor was amazing, really helpful and let me guide the experience and ask for help in the areas which I needed most help in and was very patient the whole time." 

Information for students

The aim of the programme is to give you the opportunity to spend time with a professional working in the career area of interest to you and to gain an insight into the work involved and the kind of skills and knowledge that are required.

Mentors can give advice and help with issues such as job hunting, skills development ideas or applications and interviews advice. They may also be able to answer questions which relate to your course work and increase your understanding of how your academic theory and knowledge is applied in the workplace.

Our mentors are located all over the world, and whilst there are many are local there are also a few in more distant locations. Communication with mentors can be undertaken face-to-face but also by email, telephone and on-line. 

For queries please contact the programme co-ordinator Karen Beattie at

Information for mentors

Through mentoring a student you will have an important effect on their career and perhaps even their life. You will be able to share the knowledge and insights that you have gained from your own, and perhaps others' experiences with a young person who is aspiring to be successful in your field.

Previous mentors became involved because of reasons such as wanting to encourage graduates into their field, being willing to help and guide students, wanting to help undergraduates at their university and in order to develop their own skills.

The time commitment varies but we would expect at least four communications during the period of the relationship which can be conducted face-to-face or via email, telephone or on-line.  

We always welcome interest from professionals who are considering volunteering as a Career Mentor.  If you would like more information please contact the programme co-ordinator Karen Beattie at