CVs for part-time jobs

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Structuring your part-time CV

Contact details

Your contact details should be at the top of your CV. You do not need to provide any further personal details as this section is purely to provide the employer with ways of contacting you.


Use this section to provide the employer with a brief summary of your key skills, what you're looking for and your availability.

The profile is particularly useful to include if you do not have the opportunity to attach a covering letter, for example if you are handing your CV to employers directly.


  • For a part-time CV only, this section should go before your education.
  • Use the job advert/description to identify what the employer is looking for from applicants in terms of knowledge, skills and experience, and then provide evidence to demonstrate you meet the criteria.

If you have relevant skills and/or experience then list these first. This may include:

  • Previous experience in a similar role
  • Transferable skills for the position
  • Specific qualifications or requirements (e.g. driving license, first aid certificate) needed for the role

Work experience

  • Include dates worked, job title, employer and location.
  • Provide relevant information to show you meet the role criteria.
  • Focus on skills gained, achievements and value added rather than a detailed job description.
  • This section could include both paid and voluntary positions.

If you have no previous work experience then you should focus on other experiences you have been involved in to demonstrate you have the transferable skills for the role. This may include:

  • Voluntary work; University, School, or Leisure experiences; Achievements/Responsibilities; Interests


This section can be very brief— the likelihood is that the job isn't related to your course so the employer doesn't need details of your modules or projects.

Sample Part-time CV

Your Name

Full term-time Address

Contact Telephone Number

Email address


Enthusiastic and hard-working physics student with 12 months customer service experience, now seeking a part-time position in retail. Will be in Edinburgh over the summer and available to work evenings and

Relevant Skills & Experience

  • Confidence in changing beer kegs and using cashier tills having had over 6 months previous bar work experience
  • Member of university netball team which involved developing strong relationships with and supporting other members of the team

Work Experience

June 2014—September 2014, Retail Assistant, Next, Edinburgh

  • Duties included monitoring stock levels to ensure the shop floor was well stocked at all times and working quickly on the cashier tills to ensure customers were served efficiently.
  • Developed the ability to deal with demanding customers when the shop was very busy, whilst remaining calm under pressure.


  • Helped out with local youth group, devising and supervising activities for 20 young people.
  • Achieved Duke of Edinburgh Award at School.
  • Elected as Head Girl in final year of school.
  • Contribute to fashion blogs and wikis.
  • Have designed small computer game through self-taught programming course.


Currently studying a degree in Astrophysics at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

  • Have been elected as Class Rep for my year group.
  • Achieved merit award for outstanding performance.

References available on request