Creative CVs

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Most of the information on CVs we have provided will apply to those students applying for jobs in the creative industries.

However, it is important to realise that there are additional factors at play when putting together a Creative CV.

A Creative CV should be a reflection of your personality and should have visual impact. Therefore if you are a creative person you should use this to stand out from the crowd. You still need to tailor your CV for the industry you are applying for i.e. A CV for a part-time job should differ from a Designers CV.

If you are targeting a creative position it may be appropriate to add design elements that reflect your style and showcase your creative abilities.

Things to consider….

  • Font
  • Text
  • Layout
  • Paper & Printing
  • How are you going to send?
  • Suitability for Audience
  • Reflection of your personality
Font, Text, Layout, Paper & Printing

Think about your font, coloured text and layout as they can hugely influence your reader. Be careful when choosing quality of paper, quality of printing, precision of folding and writing on envelope as these all show attention to detail. For a creative CV these are all essential elements of the final product.

How are you going to send?

Consider how you are going to send your CV as some of your elements might get lost in transition.

Post or Email?

If you email then a lot of your creative elements will get lost.

Suitability of Audience

A creative CV must have visual impact and be easy to read. It also must be suitable for the organisation you are sending it to. Use your research to get a feel for what type of CV would be acceptable. Use the internet and their marketing material to help you get a feel for this.

Reflection of your personality

You must feel comfortable with you CV's content and style. There is no point in creating a CV that you would struggle to back up at interview and fail to live up to expectations.