Mr Larry O'Brien

Larry O'Brien

I am an Assistant Professor in Actuarial Science at the Malaysian campus that recently completed an appointment as a member of the Heriot-Watt Malaysian Executive Management Committee and the Associate Head of School for MACS.  During that time I gained familiarity with how Heriot-Watt handles several functions that are expected from a Dean:

  • attended the Progression and Examination Boards,
  • improved the student experience by addressing concerns voiced during personal mentoring sessions and Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings,
  • enhanced the university image by receiving approval from the Society of Actuaries to be listed on their website as a UCAP-Advanced Curriculum university, and
  • ensured the quality of instruction by conducting peer review of professors and leading many interviews(I feel that I am quite skilled at identifying the best candidates).

I have also been a member of a university Actuarial Advisory Board, awarded scholarships, advised students, and dealt with student issues at other universities during my ten years of experience in academia.  I also bring a decade of professional business experience from working for a couple of large multinational corporations as an Actuary.  Hope to receive your vote of confidence and be the next Science and Engineering Dean for Heriot-Watt!