Honorary Degrees Working Group

The Senate delegates authority to the Honorary Degrees Working Group to:

  • Invite members of staff to make proposals for the award of an honorary degree;
  • Consider all nominations for honorary degrees and on behalf of the Senate to select persons upon whom honorary degrees are to be conferred
  • Approach, on behalf of the Senate, all persons who are to be invited to receive honorary degrees to ascertain their willingness to accept the invitation
  • Present to the Senate Business Committee a report giving the name of each person selected to receive an honorary degree. Each person will have confirmed his or her willingness to accept an award. The report shall include the grounds on which each candidate was selected
  • Identify possible University-nominated staff recipients for honours in the New Year and Queen's Official Birthday Honours listings and to complete the nomination process.

Guidance for nominations

Please read the honorary degree nominations guidance notes before you fill in the honorary degree nomination form to give it the best chance of being accepted.

Terms of reference

Read the Honorary Degrees Working Group's Terms of Reference

Meeting dates

Key information

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