Dr Amos Haniff

Amos Haniff

As an existing Associate Dean for Professor Jim Ritchie, I am honoured to be nominated for the role of Dean of the University (Pan University). I have served on Senate since 2013 and currently serve on the Court of the University as a Senate elected member. I sit on the University Staff Committee and am also the longest serving member of PSC.

Since joining Heriot Watt seventeen years ago, I have held positions in EGIS, EBS and SoSS, and taught in our Edinburgh, Borders and Dubai Campuses. During this time, I have witnessed many changes within the university and across the HE sector. Several important challenges have been overcome, but we are currently facing a number of difficulties. These include legislative changes that impact on current teaching practices and research opportunities; also the restructuring of schools and governance structures that, inevitably, involve significant change. It is therefore essential that elected Deans have depth of knowledge and experience to contribute to the ongoing development of the university, including maintaining academic integrity and standards. I am committed to transparency and collaboration in pursuit of these goals.

With your support I will strive to meet the current challenges and future opportunities we face.