Court composition, policies, key information

Court membership composition

  • up to thirteen external and independent members appointed by the Court in accordance with the recommendation of the standing Committee of the Court charged with responsibility for nominations including the nomination of the Chair of the Court;
  • one member from the former Students and alumni of the University elected by the graduates' association of the University;
  • up to three members of the Senate elected by the Senate;
  • a Dean elected by the Senate;
  • up to three members of Staff elected by the Staff at least two of whom are not Academic Staff;
  • the President of the Student Union (ex officio);
  • one member (ex officio) of the Executive Committee (or its successor body) of the Student Union nominated by the Student Union;
  • the Principal (ex officio); and
  • the Vice-Principal (ex officio).

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Governor policies

Key information

Lorna Kirkwood-Smith

Ruth Moir