The Court is the governing body of the University which, subject to the Charter, exercises all the powers of the University. In exercise of its powers, the Court comprises the Charity Trustees of the University.

The University Charter and Statutes (Statute 4: The Court), define the powers, functions and composition of the Court.

The University Charter requires that the Court shall adopt and at all times act in accordance with a Statement of Primary Responsibilities which shall include provisions relating to the performance of the Court’s primary responsibilities in accordance with accepted principles of good governance for a university.

The full responsibilities of the Court are set out in the Statement of Primary Responsibilities.

Should you wish to contact any member of the Court please do so through the Acting Secretary of the University, Ruth Moir,

View the current members of the Court and court committees.

Key information

Lorna Kirkwood-Smith

Ms Ruth Moir

Iain Dods

Lisa Herlihy