Supplier information


The University maximises use of collaborative contracts to leverage its purchasing power and achieve challenging sector targets relating to the percentage of non-pay spend through consortia agreements. Collaborative agreements are let by entities such as APUC Limited*, Procurement Scotland and the Crown Commercial Service. Information about the goods and services provided via such contracts may be obtained by referring to our Contracts Register.

(*APUC is the centre for purchasing expertise for Scottish Universities and Colleges of which the University is a member.)

Procurement strategy

The University’s Procurement Strategy is primarily about maximising value for money (VFM). VFM embraces elements of lowest cost, fitness for purpose, value engineering, security of supply, risk management, opportunity costs, demand management and innovation. Other considerations such as equality, sustainability (in the widest sense), and programme and policy delivery are equally important, to support the University's Outcomes Agreement with the Scottish Funding Council and Scottish Government; and to reflect the University’s ethical trading standards through its approach to procurement.

This strategy is a key enabler of the University's 2013 – 2018 Strategic Plan.

Procurement Policies

Procurement policies cover documentation and information about our strategy as applied to the procurement of works, goods and services. It also includes measures for compliance with our legal obligations on major procurement exercises. Our procurement policies and procedures form part of the financial regulations which can be found under Financial Resources.(Currently being reviewed)

University directly-let contracts and thresholds

As a body governed by public law, the University is subject to the European Union Directive on public procurement and its enactment into statutory law. Any purchase exceeding the relevant thresholds is advertised in Public Contracts Scotland (PCS*) and Public Contracts Scotland - Tenders (PCS-T). Purchases of goods and services with a value greater than £50,000 are also advertised on PCS, to comply with our EU Treaty obligations of transparency, non-discrimination and equality of treatment when awarding contracts.

Purchases exceeding £25,000 in value are subject to local tendering rules, which may include open advertising on PCS or use of the PCS ‘quick quote’ facility.

Purchases below £25,000 in value are subject to competitive quotation wherever possible.

(*Public Contracts Scotland is the national advertising website for Scottish public sector organisations to post high value Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) notices (contracts over the European directive thresholds) and small contracts commonly known as sub-threshold notices on the website and make subsequent awards.")

Terms and conditions

The University's standard terms and conditions of contract apply to University directly-let purchases. Where third-party let agreements are used, the relevant terms and conditions applicable to those agreements will apply.

Suppliers wishing to discover more about supplying the University or our terms and conditions can also email our procurement team at

Procurement contacts

The procurement intranet site provides contact information for staff seeking advice on procurement, or potential suppliers in particular commodity areas, or alternatively contact

Potential suppliers

Potential suppliers wishing to be kept informed of contract opportunities should:

  1. Register with Public Contracts Scotland.and Public Contracts Scotland - Tenders
  2. For any information on future collaborative contract opportunities contact APUC (although note that these will be advertised in Public Contracts Scotland in due course.
  3. The University’s ‘pipeline’ of Regulated Contracts, including major capital procurements is available at PCS. Where applicable, these will be the subject of a Prior Information Notice published on Public Contracts Scotland websites Public Contracts Scotland -Tenders,  and OJEU.

Our University is a signatory to the Scottish Government’s Suppliers Charter. This is a joint statement between public sector procurement and businesses which aims to facilitate access to public sector procurement opportunities.


The University has adopted the APUC Supply Chain Code of Conduct as part of our commitment to conducting procurement activities in a socially responsible manner. Please read our Supply Chain Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the University supports wider engagement by the supply market with the APUC 'SUSTAIN' programme to assess suppliers' supply chain sustainability credentials.

Contract award notices

EU-prescribed award notices of major contracts over EU thresholds are published on PCS and OJEU, and include:

  • goods or services covered by the contract
  • supplier name
  • period of the contract (including any extension options)
  • approximate value of the contract
  • expected date of re-tendering for the contract

NB: The University is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and, subject to rules of commercial confidentiality, certain information relating to contract awards may be disclosed if it is in the public interest. Please refer to our Freedom of Information Statement.

Freedom of information

The University is a public authority within the meaning of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (EIRs).

Consequently, even if a confidentiality agreement has been agreed, information in relation to this tender and all correspondence received may be made available on demand in accordance with Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the EIRs.

Applicants should state if any of the information supplied by them in response to this contract notice is confidential or commercially sensitive or should not be disclosed in response to a request for information under the aforementioned act. Applicants should state why they consider the information to be confidential or commercially sensitive.

This will not guarantee that the information will not be disclosed in response to Freedom of Information requests but it will be examined in the light of the exemptions provided in the Freedom of Information Acts/EIRs before a decision to disclose or not is made.

For further information refer to the Scottish Information Commissioner’s website

For further information refer to Heriot-Watt University Freedom Of Information website