Maths and statistics help

For a full and up to date list of resources, as well as information about one to one consultations and other support, please see the Maths Gym website

The following links take you through to a selection of online resources that can help you with your maths and stats.

LinkedIn Learning - There are lots of videos on a range of topics and software available through LinkedIn Learning. Access it through the Portal

mathcentre - mathcentre is created and maintained by people who run UK university maths support centres, who teach maths, and who design new media products for learning. Support materials are delivered free of charge, to students, teachers, lecturers and everyone looking for post-16 maths help.

stemNRICH - from the University of Cambridge this resource provides a set of mathematical-science problems devoted to exploring the richness of the vital mathematical ideas underlying science, technology and engineering.

Two mathematical sections explore the maths which forms the crucial parts of any scientist's toolkit:

Four application nodes are specialised to a particular discipline:

Preparatory problems are available for:

EEWeb - have some freely available calculators and worksheets (on algebra, geometry, trig and calculus) which may be useful

statstutor - was developed by a group of people who work in university mathematics support centres, who teach statistics, and who design new media products for learning.

Maths Resources from the University of Bradford