Effective Learning

This service is here to enhance learning and support students through the provision of workshops and one-to-one appointments. We offer a number of study skills classes throughout the year that are designed to help students achieve their academic potential.  The service covers:

  • Planning and organising (time management, organising coursework and balancing priorities)
  • Academic goal setting and maintaining motivation
  • Effective note taking
  • Critical reading and evaluating information
  • Academic writing skills
  • Citations, referencing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Revision and exam techniques
  • Reflective learning practices

Students sometimes feel overwhelmed in relation to their studies, but professional support is available through one-to-one appointments. Here the advisor works with students to help identify solutions that are suitable to an individual’s learning requirements.

By finding ways to study more efficiently, students will also have more time to participate in various leisure activities.

Professional academic advice is provided to students who wish to improve the way they study and attain greater academic success at the university, while also achieving a sustainable balance between study and other commitments.  At the same time, the service can help students develop a foundation of transferable skills that may prove valuable in their subsequent life and career development. 

We also understand that many postgraduate students have full-time jobs, so many of the workshops designed for PG students are help in the evenings.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment please email Dr Allyson Noble, Effective Learning Advisor, she will be happy to receive your emails: a.noble@hw.ac.uk