Software at HWU

Staff and students at Heriot-Watt University have access to a wide range of software. Licences range from site licences, to licences limited to specific schools and departments.

Software at HWU
Name Description
Adobe Creative Cloud This is available on Student Lab pc's via Keyserver
ArcGIS ESRI GIS Software product. Includes what was formerly known as Arc Info and Arc View.  Available to EGIS and SLS only.
See ArcGIS for details.
Borland Products C++, C Builder, J Builder, Delphi and IntraBuilder The University holds 150 licences for use for teaching in the PC labs.
This software will not be updated in future.
Dropbox Business Dropbox brings your files together, in one central place. They are easy to find and safely synced across all of your devices – so you can access them anytime, anywhere and from any device.
Dropbox Business is primarily intended to be for research groups but it is also open to other use cases. Find out more about Dropbox Business.
Endnote Bibliographic desktop software (Windows and Mac). Available on campus PCs and to download onto own computer. Install one copy of the software on your own computer for personal use. Contact to obtain licenses and installation instructions. For more information see the EndNote page.
Endnote Online 'Lite', web-based version of Endnote bibliographic software. Available to staff and students on and off campus.
Access from Endnote sign in.
Exceed X Windows Server Software (Windows)
LabView A graphical development environment with functionality for data, acquisition, instrument control, measurement analysis, and data presentation. Available to EPS and EGIS only. Contact
Maple Symbolic Algebra Package, available on many platforms (Windows, Mac and Unix)
MathCAD Technical calculations, problem solving and publication (Windows). Teaching only.
MATLAB MATLAB is available on IS managed PCs and laptops on our UK campuses. See MATLAB and Simulink for details.
Microsoft Campus Agreement The Campus Agreement currently provides the University with campus wide use of Windows operating systems, Office Professional suites, Visio Professional, Project Professional and Visual Studio.
Microsoft Select Scheme Agreement for purchasing Microsoft products not covered by the campus agreement at reduced prices.
Microsoft Azure Dev for Education
(previously Imagine / Dreamspark)
Scheme for Scientific, Technical, Engineering and Mathematics based Academics and Students to obtain software to support learning, teaching and research.
See Microsoft Imagine
Contact the IT Helpdesk for details.
MindGenius Business 6 Enterprise Available on all Information Services supported PCs and is available for unsupported machines and home use. See MindGenius for details.
Minitab Statistical Package. PC and Apple Mac. Limited to 150 users in total, including those in Schools / departments and for teaching on IS Managed Desktop.
Next Wave Careers Information for Scientists Website
Origin Scientific Graphing and Analysis Software (Windows)
SPSS SPSS is installed on all Information Services supported PCs and is available for unsupported machines and home use. See SPSS for details.