Charging stations (Edinburgh campus)

There are 24 charging stations in the Learning Commons.

You can use the charging stations to charge your personal devices.

To start charging your laptop/tablet/phone: –

  1. Find an unlocked locker (green light flashing) and open itlapsafe2
  2. Plug in your device (laptop/tablet/phone)
  3. Close locker
  4. Enter a 4 digit code of your choice plus the tick (√)

The locker is now locked and your device is being charged.

To unlock your locker

  1. Enter your 4 digit code plus the tick (√)
  2. Turn lock to open locker
  3. Remove device

Leave the locker open for next user.

Please note: –

  • It is important that you remember your 4 digit code in order to retrieve your device
  • Lockers are used and devices are left at the owner’s risk and are not the responsibility of Information Services or the University
  • Lockers may be opened and checked by Information Services staff if deemed necessary for safety reasons