Records Management

The University has a contract with an external records storage provider (currently Oasis, based in Livingston), so we will always have capacity to store the records we need. Information Governance also provide advice and help with storing and preserving electronic records. Individual Schools and Services will be cross-charged monthly for their storage needs, currently at 22p per box per month.

Information Governance manages arrangements for the use of the external storage provider for all Scottish campuses. Records can be retrieved on demand by authorised users and are confidentially destroyed after a final review at the end of their retention span.

Review and assessment of records

Each School and Service has one or more records management contacts who are delegated by the Head of School or Director to liaise with the IG team to review records when they are no longer in current use, using the records retention schedules. A list of the main current retention schedules is in the section:  What information to keep, and for how long?

Each records retention schedule sets out which records should be:
* Transferred to our external records storage provider, for retention for a fixed period
* destroyed immediately
* transferred to the University Archive for permanent retention

If you would like to find out more about how to review and transfer records, the Records Manager and IG team are on hand to provide advice and help.


The Records Manager will provide Transfer Forms for completion by the School or Service contact and guidance on arranging the transfer of records.

Following deposit of records, a report will be sent to the nominated School or Service contact, listing all records currently within the system. Lists of all records which have been either transferred to the Archive or destroyed are available on demand.

All reports list records in alphabetical order, and include the covering dates, any departmental reference, when the records are due for review, what location number has been assigned to them, and date of deposit.

School or Service records coordinators can deposit records at any time, though there may be delays at certain times of the year, due to increased demand. The IG team will endeavour to respond to requests to deposit records within 7 days.


Records which have reached the end of their retention period in accordance with the schedule will be reviewed as to their final disposition. The Records Manager will send a report to the School or Service representative, listing those records due for review, with recommendations for their destruction, archiving or retention for a further fixed period. Where records are to be destroyed, this will incur a cross-charge of £3.40 per box.

The School or Service will have four weeks from the date of the report to respond, after which time it will be assumed that they are in agreement with the recommendations made, and the IG team will authorise the external provider to take the relevant action.
After the review has been completed, the Records Manager will send a revised set of lists to the School or Service, indicating records retained within the system, those which have been Destroyed and those transferred to the Archive.

Access to records

Access to records currently held in the off-site repository is limited to the School or Service. Access by other users will only be granted on the authority of the depositing School or Service.

If records currently with the storage provider are required for any purpose, School or Service coordinators can make a request for their return by e-mail to IG via

The request should quote the barcode assigned to the required box from the Current Records list. There is no limit to the number of requests that can be made. Wherever possible, IG will arrange for the return of the records to the School or Service within 48 hours, depending on when the request is made. Access will be cross-charged at £1.10 per item/box requested.

Records transferred to the University Archive

The Heritage team will catalogue these records and provide supervised access to them in the Search Room in the Museum and Archive. Schools and Services may agree with the Heritage team a closure period for confidential information, during which time access to such material will be restricted to people authorised by the originating School or Service. Thereafter, the material will be available for open access.