Student Surveys Management

Student Learning Experience

The University participates in a number of external surveys and runs several internal surveys, in accordance with its Survey Framework and Process. The feedback received is analysed and used to inform developments at both School and University levels.

The University participates in the following surveys:


1. National Student Survey (NSS)

2. Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)

3. Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)


4. Course Feedback Survey (CFS)

5. Welcome Survey
All new undergraduate students are invited to participate in the Welcome Survey at the start of semester 1 to give feedback on their experiences in the run-up to arriving at Heriot-Watt and during Welcome Week.   Participants are asked to give their views on:
•    Pre-arrival information
•    New Student Induction and Welcome Week
•    Overview of the initial student experience

6. Annual Survey
All undergraduate students (apart from final years at Scottish campuses who are eligible to participate in the NSS) are invited to participate and give their views on the following areas of student experience:
•    Learning and Teaching
•    Supporting Student Success
•    Student Engagement
•    Global Student Mobility
•    Communication

The Student Survey Management Group (SSMG) manages and coordinates learning and teaching surveys as well as those relating to the wider student experience, in accordance with the University-wide Student Survey process/framework. If you are considering using a survey, please contact Keith MacAskill, Clerk to SSMG, or refer to guidance on the SSMG intranet site.