Consultation, November and December 2017

Learning and Teaching Strategy: Consultation on NEW Learning and Teaching Strategy

The University Committee for Learning and Teaching is currently developing a new Learning and Teaching Strategy for the University. This consultation invites comments on the proposed vision, framework and themes.

Why are we consulting?

The University’s current, five-year Learning and Teaching Strategy is due to end in 2018. At the same time, the University is engaged in developing a new institutional Strategic Plan. Widespread consultation is fundamental to ensuring engagement in and ownership of the new Learning and Teaching Strategy.

Consultation Paper

The Learning and Teaching Strategy Consultation Paper provides the core information on which the Learning and Teaching Board sought feedback.

What is the scope of the consultation?

The core of the consultation is based around the following proposed Framework:

  • Vision
  • Key Elements: HWU Global Graduate in 2023, underpinned by Global Academic Practice, Global Curriculum and Global Community
  • Parameters

There are additional questions related to proposed internal developments underpinning these Key Elements.

How were responses to the Consultation Paper provided?

The deadline for all responses to the Consultation Paper was Friday 15 December 2017.

The consultation encouraged responses from anyone within the wider University community with an interest in learning and teaching, including:

  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Staff
  • Employers
  • Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies
  • External Examiners
  • Approved Learning Partners

Responses were provided through an online survey, meetings in Schools, Services and the Student Union/Association, open workshops and campus-specific meetings, as well as discussion at institutional committees.

Responses in formats other than via the online survey were returned to

What happens next?

All responses will be considered by the University Committee for Learning and Teaching in January/February 2018, particularly at the Committee’s Away Day on 17 January 2018.  A summary of comments and actions taken in response will be made available to all consultation groups.

The final version of Learning and Teaching Strategy and its Operational Plan will be published in September 2018.

What background information is available?

The scoping activity for the Learning and Teaching Strategy Consultation Paper was undertaken by the University Committee for Learning and Teaching members.  All background information, including timeline and process, is available from

Key information

John Sawkins

Margaret King