Course Testimonials

Lean Six Sigma

"This course is excellent - everyone should do this course to better understand how to make a positive improvement and impact on their organisation. Inspiring and relevant!" - Jess Webb, Edinburgh Business School

“I feel the course was a great introduction to the Lean Six Sigma way of working. The industrial experience that Professor Antony brought to the course really helped with applying the different tools that the theory explained. I have left the LSS yellow belt course with the ambition to progress to the next level at the least and can't wait to get started with my project” – Thomas Bilbe, KTP Associate, Hargreaves UK

“Enlightening is probably the best word to describe the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course provided by Professor Antony at Heriot Watt University. His passion and enthusiasm during lectures was contagious. Heriot Watt is an ideal place to study, the dynamic of the course is very active and you find interesting ideas that will help with almost any project within your company.”   - Julio Lopez – Production Engineer

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Managing Business Performance

"There were couple of ‘aha!’ moments that instantly helped me understand our business better and I've already begun to use the ideas and concepts." - Ian Laird, CEO, Moorbrook Textiles  

"The workshop was a genuine breakthrough moment for me. So many useful practical insights." - Peter Rogan, Futurepositive Consulting  

Demand Forecasting & Inventory Planning

"Very relevant, good pace and detail for planners and managers alike"

"Better understanding of forecasting techniques and how this can impact inventory and costs"

Making Innovation Stick

"Something that will be useful to me throughout my career and in any job role!" - Alesco Risk Management

"Highlighted an important area that deserves more attention" - A J Gallagher

Extracting Actionable Insights from Performance Data

"During this event, all of which I found extremely useful, David and Alan did a ‘Smooth and Even Flow’ session where they simulate the flow of calls through a Police Incident Handling process. For me this was a bit of a wake up call as we started to see, and understand, the disruption that can be caused by normal day to day variation and then, with their guidance, understand how to deal with that. Great session" - Donald Martin, Martell Consultants

Innovation and Creativity Day

“We organised an Innovation and Creativity day with the Heriot Watt as a prize for a ‘Think BiG’ competition we ran in our IT Department. Our 9 winners had a challenging but fun day refining their ideas, and learning how to take them through the various stages that business entrepreneurs need to go through. Elaine was a good leader for the day and my team now feel better equipped to think more widely about the strategic use of technology in the firm.”

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