The Art & Science of Asking Questions

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The Art & Science of Asking Questions 

3 hour executive workshop

Edinburgh Business School,

Heriot-Watt University


Early Bird Tickets - £160

Standard Tickets - £190


Think about how many questions you ask each day. Now think about where you learned your questioning skills. Most people draw a blank. Questioning skills are typically learned on the job rather than taught formally in a training facility or classroom. Yet these so-called "soft skills" are the foundation of a successful career regardless of one’s specialisation and industry.

This advanced questioning skills workshop will provide executives with a new approach to enquiry and critical thinking. The breakthrough questioning method is steeped in investigative journalism, cognitive neuroscience, social psychology, urban design, and Newtonian physics. It emphasises humility, finely tuned listening, empathy, and Eastern and Western perspectives on mindfulness.

The workshop is designed for executives in all industries and functions.

Questioning skills are a component of the “soft skills” set (communication, problem-solving, collaboration, etc.). When mastered by good managers, this helps them become great leaders. Moreover, executives who devote most of their day to intra-organisational work can benefit from mastering such skills, as much as executives whose orientation is primarily towards external customers and prospects.


This 3 hour executive workshop will cover;

  • Social intelligence and questioning skills for business professionals
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion
  • Care for co-workers, customers and clients.


  • Develop an appreciation for the theory and principles of asking questions.
  • Understand the knowledge and skills required to attain an advanced level of asking questions that builds trust in people.
  • Enable recognition of the limitations and appropriateness of the varied approaches to asking questions.
  • Demonstrate the progression from preparing for a questioning session and asking prepared questions to improvising question sequences based on insights and revelations.
  • Provide ample opportunities to apply acquired theory and principles in class exercises that simulate real-life scenarios.


Workshop Leader

Dr David Steinberg

View Dr Steinberg discussing why good questioning skills are critical to success here



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