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This half-day course, delivered by Professor Umit Bititci, will build awareness of the basic principles that underpin sales and operations planning.

All organisations suffer from a greater or lesser degree of uncertainty between demand side and supply side of their operations. This uncertainty, if not effectively managed will negatively impact business performance through poor customer service, high inventories, loss of competitiveness and reduced productivity.  Sales and Operations Planning is the management decisions and planning process employed to minimise and manage this uncertainty. In Sales and Operations Planning, the process of planning and learning is more critical than the accuracy of the plan itself.

This half-day course is designed for executives and managers interested in managing uncertainty within their sales, operations and supply chains.

This short course will cover two important aspects of managing uncertainties:

  • The strategies that could be employed to minimise uncertainty between the demand-side and supply-side of business operations.
  • The key principles and building blocks of the sales and operations management process that enable organisations to effectively manage the unavoidable uncertainty. 


On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the main principles behind sales and operations planning
  • Be able to make decisions about the next steps that need to be put in place to minimise uncertainty and to implement effective sales and operations planning process within their organisations.


Please note that delegates who attend this course have also found our Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning short course highly relevant for the implementation of detailed sales and operational plans. 

Workshop Leader

Professor Umit Bititci


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