Managing Business Performance

This one-day executive workshop is aimed at executives and managers responsible for managing the performance of their organisation.

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Managing Business Perfomance 

1 Day Executive Workshop

Edinburgh Business School,

Heriot-Watt University


Standard Tickets - £350


This course is designed for the below individuals; 

  • Directors and senior managers responsible for the performance of their organisation
  • Change leaders leading performance improvement programmes
  • Executives from industrial, commercial, public sector and third sector organisations.


This one-day executive workshop will cover the below topics:

The Science

  • What are we managing?
  • What is performance?
  • What do best companies manage?

The Art

  • How to use the measures
  • Control without “Controlling”
  • Engaging People
  • Designing interventions


Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the following questions in the context of their own organisation.

  • What are we managing? – do we understand the value streams and processes we ought to manage?
  • Performance measurement – do we know how to design effective performance measurement systems?
  • Using performance measures – do we know how to use performance measures effectively?
  • Organisational capabilities – do we understand the capabilities that underpin the long term sustainable performance?
  • Control without “Controlling” – do we know how to control organisations without being “controlling”?
  • Effective interventions – do we know how to design and deliver effective interventions?


Workshop Leader

Professor Umit Bititci

View Professor Bititci discussing why some companies always perform better here


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