Leadership Development

Details of the next Leadership Development course will be released here soon.


This one-day short course will provide individuals with an introduction to leadership knowledge and skills. Attendees will employ reflective and personalised learning in relation to the contexts of the organisations for which they work, allowing them to reflect on real organisational issues and goals, and learn from other organisational examples as represented by other participants in the class.

By learning with and through their own experiences and reflection and those of their peers in the class, participants will extend their personal and professional network of contacts, develop their leadership knowledge and skills, and have an enhanced appreciation of the role and value of good leadership to organisations and to themselves as they progress through their careers.

This course is designed for individuals who are ready to develop in leadership roles. The course seeks to support and augment leadership development amongst those in early or mid-level management positions.


This one-day course will cover the below leadership topics:

  • knowledge on leadership behaviours and contemporary approaches to leadership
  • the importance of leadership in terms of careers, personal development, and organisational goals and development
  • the link between leadership behaviours, approaches and styles
  • the role of leadership in contributing to organisational (and commercial) development
  • effective practice to inform leadership devleopment, including a focus on the need to understand followers, team and individual motivations


On completion of the course, participants will:

  • have an in-depth understanding of leadership in organisations
  • understand the links between leadership and organisational strategy
  • understand the main styles of leadership
  • have the ability to apply different leadership approaches in various contexts.


Workshop Leader

Laura Galloway


For all enquiries related to this course, please contact the Executive Education Team: cpd.soss@hw.ac.uk