The gamification technique refers to the use of game elements in a non-gaming environment in order to make activities more fun and/or influence individual behaviour and group dynamics. Having already been successfully applied in various business areas, many companies have also started using it to improve their business processes and shape organisational environments.

This workshop provides an information session about gamification, where attendees will learn this new technique and how it can trigger behavioural change. Delegates will be presented with real business case applications in other companies and the results that they have achieved to fully understand the organisational applications of gamification.

This seminar is designed primarily for those who are not familiar with or have little experience of using gamification. However, attendees with substantial experience in gamification are also welcome, as they might discover new interesting areas of gamification application, and can make a valuable contribution to the discussion after the presentation.


The seminar will cover:

  • Gamification techniques: What is gamification? Why is it worth considering this technique for improving business processes?
  • A typical implementation process of a gamification project and resources required.
  • Gamification case studies in following areas; innovation management, cultural change, organisational restructuring – moving towards a levelled organisation, customer service, corporate education, and business analytics.


At the end of the workshop the delegates will:

  • Gain an understanding of the new gamification technique and its key building blocks
  • Learn about the benefits that this technique can bring to business
  • Gain an understanding of what a typical gamification initiative looks like
  • Collect ideas about how this tool can help improve business processes and workplace in their own organisation.


Workshop Leader

Agnessa Shpakova


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