Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning

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This two-day interactive course is designed to provide participants with an in-depth working knowledge of key demand and inventory planning policies, models and metrics.

Improving the match between supply and demand has become a priority for senior managers seeking to maintain good levels of customer service and on-shelf-availability, whilst eliminating excess stock and reducing inventory investment. To help achieve this companies need robust demand and inventory planning policies and processes, supported by IT planning systems, appropriate planning techniques and planning managers capable of applying the correct policies and techniques to different product types to achieve an optimized inventory profile. This course explains the key steps in demand and inventory planning processes, and includes an in-depth look at the analytical techniques and tools used to forecast future sales, and control inventory holdings. Participants will acquire the detailed knowledge needed to achieve and maintain an optimised inventory profile in their own organisation.

This course is particularly relevant for participants who have attended the Sales and Operations Planning course and now wish to drill down for a hands-on understanding of the critical feeding components of the Sales and Operations Planning process. 

This two-day course is designed for those wishing to improve their understanding of forecasting and inventory planning and control.

For example:

  • Managers and Planners responsible for Demand and Inventory Planning
  • Supply Chain Analysts
  • Consultants 


The course consists of two days of classroom-based training, including:

  • Building an integrated planning process
  • Understanding popular statistical forecasting techniques 
  • Identifying which inventory control models to use and when
  • Selecting the best models for your products
  • Strategies to improve the match between supply and demand
  • Different forecasting tools and techniques
  • Essentials of S&OP and CPFR
  • The pros and cons of different inventory needs
  • Managing inventory in the supply network
  • Achieving an optimised inventory profile.

On completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Segment products into categories using appropriate demand and inventory characteristics
  • Select and apply appropriate planning policies and tools for different product categories
  • Apply a range of forecasting methods and metrics and understand their limitations
  • Apply a range of stock control algorithms and performance metrics and understand their limitations
  • Take away an Excel-based forecasting simulation model to test and explore your own organisation’s product data
  • Explain how demand and inventory plans feed the Sales & Operations Plan. 


Please note that delegates who attend this course have also found our half-day course on Sales & Operations Planning highly beneficial for the implementation and improvement of detailed process plans. 

Course Leader:

Dr Christine Rutherford


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