Conference Programme Day 1

Monday 24th June 2019 - Edinburgh Business School

08:00 Registration and coffee

Welcome address - South Pod

John Dennis - Director of International Lean Six Sigma Institute, UK


Opening remarks - South Pod

Professor Jiju Antony - Conference Founder, School of Social Sciences, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, UK.


Keynote Address 1 - South Pod

Title: Lean Six Sigma in Academia: Challenges, lessons learned and benefits

Speaker: Dr Roger Hoerl - Union College, NY, USA.


Keynote Address 2 - South Pod

Title: A comprehensive LSS framework for Higher Education

Speaker: Dr Beth Cudney, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

11:00 Morning Break

Keynote Address 3 - South Pod

Title: Lean Six Sigma in Higher Education - is it a myth or reality?

Speaker: Dr Sandy Furterer - University of Dayton, USA

12:30 Lunch Break & Networking
13:30 Afternoon Parallel Sessions (see below)

South Pod

Chair: Professor Jiju Antony

Room 1

Chair: Dr Chad Laux

Room 2

Mr Bryan Rogers


A research agenda on quality management in primary and secondary education: a systematic review

Speaker: Dr Evangelos Psomas - Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises, University of Patras, Greece

A continuous improvement in the HE sector: an ongoing journey at UCC, Ireland

Speaker: Dr Joe Healy -University College, Cork, Republic of Ireland

Culture Change through Rapid Improvement Events: Five Successful Project Case Studies

Speaker: Dr Lisa Keys-Matthews, University of North Alabama, USA


A novel LSS approach: Optimised Learner Six Sigma (OLSS) Framework

Speaker: Dr Sandy Furterer -University of Dayton, USA

Adopting Lean Principles for Improving Student Motivation in Higher Education

Speaker: Lakshmy Mohandas - Purdue University, USA

Implementation of Continuous Improvement in the Polytechnic School of the Federal University at Bahia

Speaker: Professor Abel Ribeiro do Jesus - Federal University of Bahia, Brazil


Implementation of CI practices in Saudi Arabian Universities

Speaker: Dr Saja Albliwi - King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia

Application of Time-Variant Kano Model in Higher Education Institutions

Speaker: Aparajita Jaiswal - Purdue University, USA

Lean Six Sigma as an integrative methodology of knowledge in higher education: a case study

Speaker: Dr Alejandro Gallegos Chocce - UNI University, Peru

15:00 Afternoon Break

South Pod

Chair: Dr Evangelos Psomas

Room 1

Chair: Dr Joe Healy

Room 2

Mr Bryan Rogers


Addressing undergraduate student dropout rates using Lean Six Sigma: a case study

Speaker: Scott Thomson - Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, UK

Incorporating creativity tools to generate innovative process design concepts within Lean Six Sigma projects

Speaker: Dr Sandy Furterer - University of Dayton, USA

Application of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Methodolody in HE Institutions: a systematic literature review

Speaker: Dr Ahmed Al Kuwaiti - Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia


A Lean Six Sigma Maturity Model for Higher Education

Speaker: Stephen Anthony - Department of Business Management, Heriot-Watt University & CEO, Institute of Six Sigma Professionals, UK

Graduate student LSS Applications toward Law Enforcement

Speaker: Dr Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar - Purdue University, USA

The popularity of using Lean management concepts in Higher Education in D-A-CH countries

Speaker: Marion Alt, University of Applied Sciences, Koblenz, Germany


Closing remarks

Dr Chaud Laux - Co-Chair, Purdue University, USA


Conference Drinks Reception