Conference Testimonials

Testimonials from the 7th International Conference on Lean Six Sigma - Dubai, May 2018

"A conference of this nature is well worth attending. Contents of invited presentations, plus discussions among the attendees, are about ideas and insights that can hardly be found in classrooms, textbooks and formal journals.  One can feel the pulse of this important area (LSS) and the direction it is going.  Such take-away is invaluable to practitioners and researchers alike." - Professor T N Goh, National University of Singapore

"This conference provided an excellent opportunity to catch the latest trend of Lean Six Sigma research around the globe by facilitating communication between researchers and practitioners from both academic and operational backgrounds. Presentations were of consistently superb quality and certainly captured the excitement of recent developments in this field." – Dr Joe Healy, University College Cork, Ireland


"The International Lean Six Sigma Conference is unique in the personal interactions and rich discussion that comes from the designed experiences of this event.  The conference is small by conference comparisons but it is refreshing to be able to constantly engage with a like community of dedicated scholars from around the world. Indeed, for a conference of this size, the diversity of global involvement was great.  I’ll be coming back!" – Dr Chad Laux, Purdue University, USA

"The conference is very well organised with almost equal proportions of academics and practitioners. This helped in getting a balanced view about the research topics. Personally for me connecting with world-class lean and six sigma specialists enriched my understanding and interest about the topic. I look forward to be a part of this conference on regular basis. Thank you Professor Antony for organising such an interactive conference in Dubai." – Dr Ayon Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Management, Trichy, India