Sustainable Process Management

I graduated from the MSc in Sustainable Process Management in October 2007. This year in Heriot-Watt was a great experience for me both from an academic and a personal perspective. I recommend this program to anybody willing to work within the sustainability field. It genuinely opened my mind not only to technical issues but also to political, economic, management and philosophical issues. And some of the lecturers are amongst the best I have ever had.

Prior to that, I specialized in electrical engineering in Supelec, a French engineering school located near Paris.

I had the opportunity to write my thesis in a small Brussels-based consultancy called Hinicio where I focused on renewable energy projects under the Clean Development Mechanism as defined in the Kyoto Protocol. After my thesis, I kept on working at Hinicio. We assist project holders in the development of their renewable energy projects, both in Europe and Latin America. This is a fast-growing SME with only 4 staff, therefore I can enjoy a very large range of responsibilities. Beyond the consultancy work, I have been involved in nearly every aspects of the business such as strategy, internal management, business development and marketing. It also gives me the chance to travel across Europe and Latin America.