Undergraduate structure

Selection of Courses (formally modules)

The online enrolment system will allow you to select the courses you wish to study during Academic Year 2011/12. Your courses are categorised into Mandatory and Optional courses:

Mandatory Courses Optional Courses Elective Courses
All mandatory courses for your programme are listed on the online enrolment system.  These courses cannot be altered and must be taken to meet the requirements for your programme of study.  If your programme consists entirely of mandatory courses then no further action is required regarding selection of courses.  All optional courses for your programme are listed within the online enrolment system, if applicable. If no optional courses are listed, please ignore and move to the next screen within the online enrolment system.  For further information on the selection of your courses, please refer to your specific programme information below. Elective courses are listed under the specific programme information later in this document.  If no information is present, please ignore and move on to the next screen on the online enrolment system. 
  • B511 - BEng in Mechanical Engineering
  • B51D - BEng in Mechanical Engineering
  • B531 - MEng in Mechanical Engineering
  • B542 - BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Engineering
  • B54M - MEng in Mechanical Engineerng and Energy Engineering
  • B571 - BEng in Mechanical Engineering and DIT
  • B581 - MEng in Mechanical Engineering and DIT
  • B5D1 - BEng in Robotics and Cybertronics
  • B5E1 - MEng in Robotics and Cybertronics

Further information  

To assist you in the selection of your optional/elective courses, please find below additional information relating to the programme you are currently enrolling for.  Be aware that there may be more than one year of study for this programme, therefore please ensure that you only refer to your appropriate year. For example, if you are enrolling for year/level 4 of the course, only refer to Year/Stage 4 within the appropriate information below.

Timetable Clashes - Please note that mandatory courses will not clash on your timetable. Whilst the University aims to accommodate a full range of optional/elective courses, it may not be possible for the timetable to provide all choice combinations.

Timetables will be available 2 weeks prior to the start of Semester and you are advised to check your timetable at this time.  In the unlikely event that you have selected courses which result in a timetable clash, you should seek advice from your AcademicSchool as to the availability of alternative courses.

Please be aware that your optional/elective courses may be subject to change before the start of Semester.

Maximum Limit Exceeded for a Course - We try to offer everyone the possibility to study the optional/elective course they request. However, in certain courses, we are required to limit the numbers participating. In the event that you have selected a course which is over-subscribed, you will be contacted by your Academic School and advised accordingly. 

Change of Course Selection - Providing that you have not completed the online enrolment process, you will be able to update your selection of courses.  If however, you decide to change courses following the completion of this procedure, you will be required to complete a ‘Change of Course’ form found at: https://www.hw.ac.uk/registry/resources/changeofcourseform.pdf Please be aware that this form requires to be approved by your Academic School and decisions may not be made until the start of the Academic Year.

Further assistance?

If you require further help in choosing your courses, please contact the appropriate Director of Studies:

Stage 1: Dr T O’Donovan. (T.S.O’Donovan@hw.ac.uk)

Stage 2: Dr W. Shu (W.Shu@hw.ac.uk)

Stage 3: Dr J. D. Shephard (j.d.shephard@hw.ac.uk)

Stage 4: Dr P.S. Cumber (P.S.Cumber@hw.ac.uk)

Stage 5: Dr D.A. McNeil (d.a.mcneil@hw.ac.uk)

Dubai:   Dr S Al-Zubaidy  (s.al-zubaidy@hw.ac.uk)


Mechanical Engineering:            Dr P.A. Kew/Mr I. Black (p.a.kew@hw.ac.uk; i.black@hw.ac.uk)

Robotics and Cybertronics        Dr X. Kong (x.kong@hw.ac.uk)

You may wish to refer to the abridged versions of the Course descriptors.

If you have difficulty with registration you should attempt to complete the process and check with the relevant Director of Studies and, if necessary, correct your registration at the start of the Academic Year.