Graduate profiles


Chemical Engineering


  • Kingsley Ebruke Graduating from MSc IT Mobile Communications in 2007, Kingsley Ebruke now works as a Business Support Specialist for BT.
  • Melissa Klembara A graduate of the MSc Energy course in 2003, Melissa Klembara is now employed by the U.S. Department of Energy as a Chemical Engineer.
  • Jean-Christophe Lanoix Following his MSc in Sustainable Process Management (now superseded by MSc Sustainability Engineering) in 2007, Jean-Christophe Lanoix joined the Brussels-based consultancy Hinicio.

Combined Studies

Mechanical Engineering


  • Susan Chan: Currently a PhD student in Physics at Heriot-Watt after graduating from BSc(Hons) Physics.
  • Stuart Crane: Recently completed his PhD in Chemical Physics following his Undergraduate MPhys degree in Physics.
  • Heather Dalgarno: Studied at Heriot-Watt Physics for both her undergraduate degree and PhD.  She worked as a post-doctoral researcher for a number of years before moving into industry where she is now a Principle Systems Engineer and team leader.
  • Isabella McKenna: Completed a MPhys before moving overseas to work in the semiconductors industry.
  • Neil Herron: Had always had aspirations to pursue a career in aviation, and the skills and knowledge gained during his BSc(Hons) studies in have helped him realise this dream.
  • Rachel Gardner: Following graduation, Rachel completed the postgraduate teacher training, and is currently enjoying teaching Secondary School Phyics. 
  • Russell J. Barbour: Completed both MPhys and PhD at Heriot-Watt Physics, and then spent a period in the USA as a postdoctoral researcher.  This experience led him to found a sucessful optics company.
  • Ruth Livingstone: Completed her MPhys and PhD in Molecular Physics at Heriot-Watt, and has continued to work in this area of research in Germany.


Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering

  • Dr Katia Hiersemenzel: Katia completed her PhD in the field of molecular biology and super-resolution imaging and subsequently took on the role with Leica Microsystems.

Chemical Sciences

  • Ili Izyan Syazwani Ramli: Illi graduated with a PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2015. She is now a researcher for Petronas in Bangi, Malaysia.

Mechanical Process and Energy Engineering

  • Humphrey Maambo: Humphrey, from Zambia, is studying an MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering. He received funding through Heriot-Watt's Zambian Independence Scholarship.