Outreach and Schools Talks

This is our selection of talks about Engineering topics for pupils' and students' appreciation of the wide-ranging applications of Engineering.

These talks are free (to you) and held in your School (availability and geographical limitations apply).

For all Engineering talks initially contact us via J.Marques@hw.ac.uk

"Telecomms: Why do I sound different on the telephone?" for S1-S6

Dr Keith Brown

Telecommunications covers a huge range of activities including: radio; television; telephony and data communication. Different forms of communication technology alter what is being communicated in different ways. Through the use of demonstrations, this talk look at some of the influences in communication systems and how things may sound different depending upon the communication system, being used.

"The Incredible World of Micromachines" for S1-S4

Professor Marc Desmulliez, Dr Jose Marques-Hueso

From the film "Fantastic Voyage" made in 1956, to the latest advances in sensors for video game consoles and mobile phones, micromachines have fascinated the scientific community and the public alike. This talk will describe the challenges and opportunities offered by micromachines.

"To Infinity and Beyond!: Advanced Robotics in the Ocean" for S2-S6

Prof Yvan Petillot / Prof David Lane / Dr Keith Brown / Dr Mauro Dragone / Dr Sen Wang

New generations of robots are being used routinely to explore the ocean, help extract oil, study climate change and loss of biodiversity, ensure the security of ports and harbours and find underwater mines. Some of these robots are autonomous and operate without direct control from a pilot, understanding their sensors and making decisions for themselves. The talk will look at some of the advanced technologies needed to make such machines, drawing on work in the Ocean Systems Laboratory at Heriot-Watt University.

"Helpful Robots" for S4-S6

Dr Mauro Dragone / Dr Suphi Erden

Robots are being developed to help people living with long-term disabilities and those with conditions such as dementia, and also to assist the work of surgeons and healthcare professionals in our hospitals.

This talk will describe how all these applications exploit the latest advancements in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, and how they are enabled thanks to engineers working together with computer scientists, health experts, psychologists, and people with assisted living needs.

"The Era of Embedded Intelligence" for S3-S6

Dr David Flynn

Embedded Intelligence is supporting resilient and sustainable systems, organisations, networks and societies. This seminar aims to promote the importance and impact this area is making to society, and to engage the audience on how we innovate and train the next generation of engineers, scientists and businesspeople - to prosper in this data driven age. Examples from manufacturing, teaching, design and energy are given as examples of this omnipresent data driven revolution.

"Be a Superhero, be an Engineer" for P2-P7

Dr David Flynn

Superheros come in a variety of forms, some battle the forces of evil, keeping people and the planet safe. Typically, they have powers or skills that let them achieve what people think to be impossible, so that they can do good and help people that are in need. A superhero is also a term to describe someone who is exceptionally skilful or successful, in this talk I will show how being an engineer can help you unlock your superhero potential. I will provide examples of how Engineers are constantly making the impossible, possible, creating technologies that can explore extreme environments, make our world safer, help doctors to cure disease and help people who need our help the most.

For all Engineering talks initially contact us via J.Marques@hw.ac.uk