Departmental Visits

Lego Colorimeter

Short visits (a morning, an afternoon or even a day) allow your students to experience campus life and to get some hands-on experience of practical chemistry. We have informally offered such visits to local schools for a number of years and have decided to formalise and extend our offering.

A number of specific activities are possible, tailored to specific age ranges, and delivered by our academic staff with support from our undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • 3D Printing (Suitable for S1-S6; Y8-Y13),
  • Chemical Cluedo (Suitable for S1-S3; Y8-Y10),
  • Cooking up Pear Drops (Suitable for S4-S6; Y11-13),
  • A Lego Colorimeter (Suitable for S4-S6; Y11-Y13),
  • A Lego Fluorimeter (Suitable for S4-S6, Y11-Y13),
  • Spectroscopy with a Raspberry Pi (Suitable for S5-S6; Y11-Y13);

Each practical session can be rounded off with a lecture if desired including our well-known Cold Stuff! Lecture!

Note that we will only be offering a limited number of such visits in this trial year and these will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. Please indicate which activity you would like to arrange when you contact us on the email address below.

Please email