Plasma Materials: Synthesis and Modification

Prof John I B Wilson

A diverse set of thin-film materials has been synthesised or surface-modified by electrical plasma processing. From our early development of amorphous silicon solar cells to our latest nanocrystalline diamond coatings, we have used a combination of gas mixtures and high frequency plasma sources to solve problems in materials applications. These have frequently involved a temperature limitation set by the nature of the substrate, such as low cost glass or polymers. Plasma deposition, using either RF or microwave excitation, overcomes the restriction of low substrate temperatures that would otherwise impair the quality of the coating. Our publications describe the low pressure RF plasma deposition of amorphous silicon, silicon nitride and silicon carbide, for optical and electronic applications. In collaboration with Prof P John, Chemistry, other papers describe how higher pressures and microwave plasmas are producing polycrystalline or epitaxial diamond for mechanical or biomedical applications. EPSRC are currently funding a £1.4M project to investigate diamond coatings for plasma-facing components in tokamak fusion reactors, in collaboration with materials modellers at UCL, UKAEA Culham, and two manufacturers of carbon tiles. Previously, improved design of plasma deposition equipment was driven through the establishment of a company, DILAB Limited, and its success in gaining SMART funding. One further outcome is the present development of microwave plasma deposited nanocrystalline silicon for flexible solar cells on textiles: this is supported by a Scottish Government SMART grant to a newcompany, Power Textiles Limited (co-directors RR Mather & JIB Wilson). Plasma deposition has produced thin polymer coatings to enhance the performance of steam condensers used by the electricity generating industry, and plasmas may also change the surface properties of materials, for instance making PTFE hydrophilic for medical components. New projects, that continue to combine the expertise of chemists and physicists in utilising plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition, are concerned with both nano- and macro-sized substrates, and involve a range of spectroscopic techniques to probe the process and the products.


Recent Publications

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