Biological Chemistry

The Biological chemistry group within IB3 is engaged in using molecular and cell biological approaches to probe intracellular events with high spatial and temporal resolution. 

Dr Colin Rickman (Reader) has ERC and MRC-funding to employ super-resolution imaging to visualise and quantify the molecular events that underpin insulin secretion. 

Some of this work is in close collaboration with Dr Nicola Howarth (Lecturer), and MRC- and EU CIP-funded synthetic chemist, in a joint project that aims to create novel photo-uncageable fluorophores for single molecule imaging modality use. 

Dr Nick Leslie (Reader),an MRC Programme grant holder, uses molecular biology and biochemical techniques to examine the functional behaviour of protein and lipid kinases and phosphatases in signalling pathways that lead to cancer if mis-regulated. 

Prof Rory Duncan has current funding from MRC, Wellcome Trust, EPSRC, EC and other agencies supporting a series of projects that all employ or develop advanced imaging approaches to proble intracellular and molecular events in cells, studying a variety of physiological processes form neurotransmission to cataract formation.

Biological Chemistry members are listed below: