Wickramasinghe, Simanmahadura

Project Title

Assessing the Reduction in Domestic Water Consumption Ensuring Best Performance of the System


Scarcity of fresh water, rapid increase in population and excessive conditions in climate have encouraged designers of domestic water supply and drainage infrastructure to implement enhanced water conservation mechanisms in both residential and commercial settings.

However, in introducing any reduction in potable water consumption, the designer should be mindful of the need to balance interconnected flows and to ensure acceptable performance in the plumbing system. Hence selecting the optimum reduction in water consumption while avoiding unfavourable performance is vital to enhance public engagement in water conservation.

To gain this understanding, a numerical model is to be developed that is capable of simulating the time-dependent flow transition within the building curtilage. This encompasses the water supply, the discharge of wastewater and stormwater, and also evaluates the performance of the system within the context of potential water management options.


Professor Lynne Jack and Dr David Campbell


Email: saw31@hw.ac.uk