Phung, Quan

Project Title

Stakeholder Management for Achieving Sustainability in Construction


With the increasing awareness of sustainability issues and introduction of new regulations, construction projects need to consider the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders during the life cycle of the project as well as the stakeholders in the future who will be affected by the current decisions and actions. Although the construction industry has started to consider the economic, social and environmental impacts of construction projects, the sustainability efforts so far focused mostly on designing for sustainability without paying much attention to how these will be carried out by the project parties and how the different, and largely competing, demands of stakeholders (both internal and external) will be managed. Stakeholders' interests and influences are dynamic and can vary from one stage to another and even from time to time in a particular stage of the project lifecycle, creating conflicts and making the realisation of the sustainability goals more difficult.

This project focuses on this problem and is aimed at engaging and managing stakeholders at all stages of the project lifecycle in order to achieve the sustainability goals whilst achieving the project aims.


Dr Bilge Erdogan and Dr Yasemin Nielsen