Phipps, Caitlyn

Project Title

Conservation Philosophy of Historic Window Glass in Scotland


In the historic built environment, it is important to protect, preserve and maintain the overall aesthetic of the building for generations to come. Unfortunately, historic window glass is often overlooked as a material which contributes to the aesthetic value of the building. Unlike modern window glass, historic glass can often have a tint, texture and variations in the thickness, all of which can distort the view when looking into or out of a window. This distortion adds to the overall aesthetic of the historic buildings, yet is often overlooked when working with windows.

This project will work to establish the current conservation philosophy of historic window glass in Scotland. This will be done using previous planning applications and surveys/interviews from those working directly with historic window glass. Lastly, window glass analysis will be done in order to determine the age of the glass being replaced.


Dr Craig Kennedy and Dr Alan Forster