Perez del Real, Pilar

Project Title

Social Product Declaration for construction materials. Towards a more holistic sustainable architecture


After decades assessing the sustainability of products just looking at the environmental aspects, social impacts are finally being considered becoming part of a more holistic sustainable life cycle thinking approach. However, the inclusion of social sustainability into the construction industry requires firstly, the establishment of social assessment tools and secondly, initiatives for the dissemination, diffusion and practical implementation of those theoretical frameworks. In this context, the overall goal of this study is the development of a Social Product Declaration (SPD) for construction materials using the framework proposed by the UNEP/SETAC initiative in the “Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment of Products” in order to provide clear and comparable information about the social life cycle of construction products.

The final aim of this new communication tool is to encourage the improvement of the social performance of construction materials stimulating the competition between material manufactures.


Dr Gillian Menzies