McGibbon, Scott

Project Title

Towards supporting the development of heritage skills in Scotland


Scotland's historic environment annually attracts 16 million visitors, generating £2.3 billion income, and supporting over 100,000 jobs countrywide. Therefore, the conservation of Scotland's historic buildings is paramount. Recent research, based on two case studies of historic building within central Scotland, revealed that poor skills development is a key cause of repair problems resulting in a knock-on effect on building performance and cost. In particular, there is a lack of in-depth technical training literature on traditional stonemasonry skills technology, and its ability to meet current quality and performance standards. In order to conserve the current stock of historic buildings, there is a need for a continued investment in skills development.

The overarching aim of this research is to support the future skills development for the repair and maintenance (R&M) of historic buildings, focusing on how training can support the application of new technologies and processes for modernising R&M practice without a detrimental effect on the natural environment.


Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Wahab and Dr. Alan M.Forster