Matshidze, Lindelani

Project Title:

Developing a Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Framework for Implementing Road Maintenance Projects in South African Rural Communities


South Africa's rural communities’ struggles with three main problems, lack of skills, low private sector investment and poor infrastructure, which undermines private investments in rural communities. Even those with basic skills lack opportunities to fully develop and deepen their skills. This, then undermine their ability to improve their earning potential and become more competitive in the employment market. The aim of the study is to develop small scale PPP framework that is appropriate for road maintenance in rural communities that have as part of the core purpose, a specific emphasis in fostering enterprise development and skills transfers to develop sustainable businesses within those communities. The study will focus on the current level of infrastructure and skill deficits in SA rural communities and the role that well maintained roads can have on improving the delivery of public goods and service, as well as improving access to economic activities.


Dr Graeme Bowles
Prof Stephen Ogunlana