Jin, Yi

Project Title

Effects of indoor humidity on older adults' wellbeing and energy consumption in Scottish care homes


Research into indoor thermal comfort in winter is limited. Additionally, thermal comfort standards focus more on air temperature than relative humidity and do not reflect older adults, who are vulnerable to cold conditions and dry skin. There is an urgent need of scientific evidence on the relationship between indoor hygrothermal conditions and older occupants' thermal comfort.

The aim is to study the impacts of indoor hygrothermal conditions on subjective comfort and energy consumption in care homes. Objectives include surveying the existing indoor environmental condition and subjective perception on air dryness in representative care homes in Scotland chosen with assistance from an external advisor and assessing the effect of indoor vegetation on relative humidity and energy consumption and develop an effective environmental control operation.

The results will help inform the development of a cost-effective environmental service solution for low carbon management and improved occupant wellbeing in Scottish care homes.


Dr Fan Wang and Dr Sarah Payne


Email: yj55@hw.ac.uk