Wong, Lee Jean

Project Title

4D Seismic History Matching : Well2Seis Interpretation oil and gas fields


In reservoir management and reserves maximization opportunities, it is important to locate remaining oil locations with substantial volumes, through accurate identification of dynamic pressure communication and fluid flow paths. Today we can use 4D seismic data to enhance our understanding on these dynamic changes. Correlating magnitude of variation in seismic attributes with cumulative volumes of fluids production yields the extent of connectivity between wells and reservoir layers, which will be used as a more reliable calibration parameter during history matching.

To reconcile well to seismic data, well2seis attribute is created to improve interpretation resolution through space and time, simultaneously reducing signal-to-noise and infer communication levels between wells and reservoir compartments. It is essential to quantify uncertainty ranges in resources and reserves quantification of available assets during portfolio management and evaluation. The closing-the-loop (CtL) workflow and application of objective functions will be used to capture uncertainties attributed to multi-disciplinary data sources.


Professor Colin McBeth and Dr Hamed Amini


Email: lw34@hw.ac.uk