Wang, Gang

Project Title

Simultaneous Optimisation of CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage


In this project, the aim is to investigate factors affecting the success of CES by performing numerical simulations on realistic models of oil reservoirs. Also, the processes which arise when CO2 is injected into deep saline aquifers are well known. However, there are a number of issues which require further investigation in order to optimise CES. In particular the placement of the CO2 injection wells is important. A range of scenarios will be investigated using realistic geological models. There is always geological uncertainty in the subsurface, so many (100s-1000s) simulations need to be performed to take this into account.

The Raven software developed at Heriot-Watt University will be used to run multiple simulations in order to carry out multi-parameters optimisation.


Dr Gillian Pickup and Dr Dan Arnold