Valiakhmetova, Alsu

Project Title

Scale inhibitor retention mechanisms and performance in precipitation squeeze treatments


Scale inhibitor squeeze treatments are recognised to be the most economically and technically favourable option for scale management in subsea fields. Squeeze treatments comprises of injecting a scale inhibitor (SI), usually in a “bullhead” injection, into the near wellbore area followed by an over-flush brine, which displaces the SI deeper into the formation. After a shut-in period to allow the chemical to retain within the formation rock, the well is put back onto production. The main mechanisms of SI retention in formation are adsorption and/or precipitation.

The project is focused on the precipitation behaviour of phosphonate and phosphate ester scale inhibitors in the context of precipitation squeeze treatments. The project covers the fundamental investigation of key parameters for precipitation treatments leading to a controlled SI release including the study of precipitation effect on the SI performance.


Professor Ken Sorbie and Dr. Lorraine Boak