Kubeyev, Amanzhol

Project Title

Hydro-mechanical modelling of Explicit Fractures in Porous Media


Most numerical CO2 poromechanical studies are done by using a continuum approach. In these studies, fractures and faults are usually modelled implicitly by superimposing failure criteria. It is assumed that once criteria are reached, CO2 would escape from the storage. However, what happens to the fractures after the failure is often not investigated. Potentially, after rock failed, open fractures may close back sealing the caprock because of the stress and pressure reconfiguration.

In this project, we plan to develop a novel numerical simulator for modelling explicit underground fractures that captures the interaction of the fluid flow and rock mechanics in porous media. The tool will capture complex fracture deformation process where fractures open, close and slip due to injection or production of the fluids in the subsurface. The expectation is that this work will lead to a method that can be used for a variety of explicit fracturing problems.


Dr Florian Doster and Dr Andreas Busch


Email: ak87@hw.ac.uk