Jaramillo Ruales, Alejandro

Project Title

Reservoir Shale Characterisation from Seismic Attributes


Shales play an important role within the sedimentary record; for instance, they act as unconventional source rocks or even barriers that significantly retard the fluid flow from the reservoir. Nowadays, it is acknowledged that the conception of shale cap rocks as static bodies of rock with negligible rock-fluid interaction is far from reality, in fact the interaction between geomechanical processes (e.g. overburden) and pore fluids affects both the reservoir and cap rocks.

To better understand the role exerted by shales in reservoirs, this research aims to design and apply a methodology focused on the time-lapse seismic signal from shales, establishing a relationship between the time-lapse amplitude along with a set of time-shift attributes and variations in geomechanical properties, which will help build a library with a detailed description of shales behaviour subjected to changes due to production-induced compaction in the reservoir.


Dr Maria-Daphne Mangriotis and Professor Colin MacBeth


Email: aaj32@hw.ac.uk