Cortes, Victor Gutierrez

Project Title

Modelling the effect of dual-wettability of mixed organic and inorganic pores on shale gas and coal bed methane recovery.


Unlike conventional clastic deposits, gas shales and coal bed seams contain a high proportion of mostly localised organic matters and diverse inorganic materials. Pores in organic matters are often too small to be efficient flow paths, whereas much larger pores, which have been observed between organic and inorganic materials and might result from their differential shrinkage, are believed to be main conducts from which gas in organic matters can flow out.

Organic matters are known to attract gas rather than formation brines and injected water, but the vice versa is true for inorganic materials. Giving rise to a dual-wettability condition. However, little is known about or done to assess the significance of this dual-wettability of mixed pores on gas and water flow, due mainly to the difficulty in characterising mixed pores at appropriate scales and the lack of suitable and efficient multiscale models for simulating two-phase flow in complex systems.


Professor Jingsheng Ma and Professor Steve McDougall