Anderson, Iain

Project Title

Analysis of shale mineralogy and fabric and its induced anisotropic seismic response for hydrocarbon exploration and production


  • With a principal focus on the Bowland Shale in northern England, this project aims to: Generate new data on the rock properties and heterogeneity of the system (relating to shale composition, geochemistry and fabric).
  • Develop novel techniques for modelling the seismic response.
  • Create forward-looking models to analyse seismic response during and after the fracking process.

This will apply fundamental science to the problems of shale gas exploration and production, with a view to provide a better economic production strategy together with improved environmental understanding. The project is an alliance between British Geological Survey and Heriot Watt University.


Dr. Jingsheng Ma, Dr. Xiaoyang Wu (BGS) and Professor Dorrik Stow