Aguda, Oluwadamilola

Project Title

The influence of socio-psychological factors on housing tenure choice among British young adults


In the UK, recent changes in tenure trends indicate that young adults are facing almost impossible choices when it comes to the decision between owning or renting (privately or socially). As the private rented sector continues to grow, young adults are increasingly now found in the sector while home ownership has been shifting to older age groups. In the past, the literature has largely focused on the econometrics context on one end and the critical context on the other.

This doctoral research project aims to introduce the socio-psychological dimension to the econometric context. A quantitative approach will be applied to the analysis of the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS). The suggestion is that interactions between economic and socio-psychological factors may be important in helping to explain why tenure shifts have continued amongst British young adults, despite the slow continued economic improvements.


Professor Chris Leishman and Professor Neil Dunse