Zak Ritchie

Zak Ritchie, Project Hydrologist/Flood Risk Engineer, SLR Consulting. BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering, MSc in Water Resources.

Having already completed my Civil Engineering BEng Hons the year before, I chose to return to Heriot-Watt to continue my postgraduate studies with an MSc in Water Resources, due to the high profile reputation of its Civil Engineering heritage.

My decision to return was also based on the technical relevance of the programme in relation to my field of interest and because the staff show real enthusiasm for their respective subjects and are happy to welcome you to their office to provide assistance at any time.

The staff show real enthusiasm for their respective subjects.

I really enjoyed gaining knowledge in a field that I am already passionate about and having lecturers who share that, such as Dr Adebayo Adeloye who makes the whole experience even better.

I have benefited from my experience at Heriot-Watt in several ways: I have come away with high confidence and a solid knowledge behind me in my chosen career; my communication skills have improved markedly; and it has helped shape the way I view tasks and problems and how I subsequently overcome them. Most of all, the challenge of completing my MSc has brought out the best in me, personally and professionally and I have undoubtedly benefited in many ways for the future ahead.