Year of the Sea Activities

Coral reef

Design a Superhero

At the beginning of the year, we began the search for a superhero for the Year of the Sea - to explore the deep, solving the mysteries of the unknown, and working out how we can protect our seas from the threats they face! The designers of the best superheroes will receive a VIP visit to the underwater exploration zones at Heriot-Watt University, as well as a special-edition comic featuring their superhero! We received 800 entries to our competition, with four winners receiving their prizes in the summer. 

Engineering the Future

In Spring 2018, we had a new activity for primary schools that turns the usual system on its head: school pupils find the problem, and then challenge university students to find a solution. The project is designed to be incorporated into pre-existing classroom activities, and touches on issues of energy, climate change, biology and STEM education. It ran from March-April 2018, and culminated in a class visit to Heriot-Watt University on Friday 27 April, when undergraduate students presented their work to pupils. Read more about Engineering the Future.