About Year of the Sea

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The oceans cover over 70% of our planet. They are critical for sustaining life. From enabling us to breathe and controlling or climate, through to the wonders held in the mysterious deep, the oceans are of vital importance to us all.

Research and teaching at Heriot-Watt spans many areas of the so called “blue economy” – the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihood and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health. The truest blue economy initiatives recognise that our diverse marine ecosystems are Scotland’s “natural capital”, and make great efforts to ensure the seas are a safe place to be, all while advancing skills and education in this area. They also seek to secure social and economic stability through the use of renewable energy, innovative technology and ground-breaking research.

Heriot-Watt’s research often makes waves, and in 2018 we’ll be focusing on demystifying the depths of the oceans, finding ways to get more energy from the sea, examining the smallest sea creatures to the largest ocean systems, and engineering new ways to work with our seas, oceans and rivers. 

Our biologists, ecologists, engineers, chemists, roboticists and even mathematicians are already hard at work to get to the bottom of the seas’ unknowns. Check out some of the latest news stories below:

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